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On Thursday, 12 January 2010, a catastrophic nike huarache white mens 7. 0 Mw earthquake struck the funding of Haiti caused serious injury to the poor city. As the actual strongest earthquake in 200 ages, it destroyed the whole city and made a huge number of people lost their home promptly, at the same time lose their relatives or their own life...What a tragedy! The good news is, Haiti is not fight alone, the world word is suitable there by its side, help it, and support it to undergo the hard reconstruction work. If you been online right now, open Google, and you will find a link on its homepage that written: information, resources, and ways you may help survivors of the Haiti earthquake. Perhaps you have moved and want to offer your assistance to the disaster area? Here is three simple but practical ways so that you can help earthquake victims.

First of their, we should take full features of the internet. Everyone pays his very attention to Haiti, on account of the highly developed internet; we can get Nike Air Huarache Blue news about Haiti and express our concerns within the incident. By clicking the link within the homepage of Google, we could donate money online. Suppose you planned to obtain a Nike shoes, at that right moment, you could save the income and donate it to catastrophe areas, after all, what matters is your concern but not how much money did. Thirdly, there is an older saying, untied we stand, cut we fall. It mainly tells us when we are facing difficulty; we ought to hang together and overcome them. One person is not enough that will the victims in Haiti, provided that you call on your kinfolk, your friends and the full society, you can withdraw anything at all you encountered.


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