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If you want respect you gotta keep the other nike air max 90 womens prisoners in check. Being nice won't get you respect but fear will. There is a saying in here, don't mistake kindness for weakness. Still many of these ignorant fuckers do, so it pays not to be nice. You have to close yourself off and become known as a man that will do something when provoked. Because sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Even if it means getting a shank and spilling blood. Better theirs, than yours. Don't try to talk tough in here either, because your bluff will be called and if you don't jump when called out you will be branded as a punk and your ass will be ripe for taking. The best course to follow is to be respectful and assertive. Try not to draw attention to yourself, but don't back down from a confrontation either. Most times, if you stand up for yourself, you'll find an out, and avoid looking like a pussy. The problem could be laughed off, like "Chill out man, I was only joking. " But if the situation escalates you can get fucked up. It is a fine line to walk, but if you want to survive, you've got to learn when and where to draw that line.

Prison isn't a nice place. There ain't no good cheap nike air force 1 mensSamaritans here. When the tension boils it erupts like a volcano. As the pressure builds, you can feel it seeking its release. It's not something easily described, it's just an awareness. The air grows still, the silence becomes deafening and you can sense the drama about to unfold. When the shit jumps off you don't want to be around either. The best thing to do is just walk the other way and act like nothing is happening. Don't even try to look or watch. Because if you're seen watching when people handle their business you might be next or worse still you might be labeled a snitch. It took about 6 months to scope out the basic social order in the joint. I noticed that the prison gangs played a big part in the social structure. There was a sort of prison politics going on with little diplomacy and lots of violence. The gangs were very active and protective of their hustles and interests. White gangs like the Aryan Brotherhood and Dirty White Boys co-existed with the Bloods, Crips and Gangster Disciples. The Latinos had their own crews also with the Mexican Mafia, Latin Kings, and Texas Syndicate. These fractions sometimes suffered violent and bloody struggles for power and control.

Prisoners also affiliated themselves by home states. So you had loosely Womens Nike air max 95 sale organized homeboy crews from North Carolina, D. C.,New York, or wherever. The Muslim religious sects were another faction that made power moves and were feared as their numbers were always deep. It's smart not to join or beef with a gang, because in such disputes or an all-out gang war things get brutal and you can wind up dead. The gangs controlled the drugs, the gambling, and the gumps. And if you fucked with their money they would hurt you bad. There was this one DC cat who came down from the super max huffing and puffing. What a bad-ass he was. Dude was big, alright, and cut up. Straight diesel, like a Mack truck. But he started making his own moves, fucking with the gumps and shit. The queers he was banging belonged to the North Carolina Bloods and when they got the scoop they pushed up on the DC brother-man, telling him he got to pay to play. The DC convict told them bammers, "Fuck you. " So the Bloods retaliated, and stabbed "da nigga" 37 times. Leaving him dead with a shank up his ass.

There aren't any fair fights in prison Nike air huarache Womens sale either. "Anything goes" as they say. If you take a wrong step you might get gangstered by a crew of homeboyz. The prison gangs always jump people and the Mexicans are the most notorious for it. If you put it on a Mexican you better have some back because like White Shoes says, "Thirty of those little burrito-eating motherfuckers are coming for you. " La Rasa will swarm like locusts, attacking in numbers to inflict maximum damage. Most disputes are handled quietly and decisively though, because a gang war leads to bodies and that means lockdown, which stops the flow of the crews hustles. Most killings are internal also as up and comers make power plays and attempt to knock off rivals. As long as you are assertive, handle your business, and got some back, the prison gangs will leave you alone, because they prey on the weak and unconnected. In some prisons it pays to be affiliated if that is what the custom dictates, but in the end you'll have to make your own decision, and live or die with it. The gangs operate on the fear principle. They know their numbers and affiliation will intimidate you. But that isn't always the case. Sometimes a crew might get into something they can't handle and end up getting punished. A favorite prison maxim is "Go hard. " Some convicts live their lives following this creed. To the prison gangs these are words to die for. I knew these Dirty White Boys who thought they were the shit. They tried to lock down a wine hustle in their unit. They had most of the unit in check when this "2701b nigga", Tank, decided he wasn't paying no crackers for no fucking wine. He stole the Dirty White Boy's hooch from the stash spot and dared them to do anything. It was put up or shut up time and the Dirty White Boys were going hard. They strapped up with pipes and went to apply justice, prison style. They were outclassed and chumped out though as Tank took their pipes and beat the shit out of their whole crew. The gangs depended on fear and violence, but clearly the intimidation factor was lacking here, because the Dirty White Boys ran to the cop for protection from Big Tank.

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