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The winding Ohmmeter is a line-operated Cheap JC Tretter Jersey , field portable instrument designed specifically to measure the dc resistance of all types of magnetic windings safely and accurately. Its predominant use is the measurement of the dc resistance of all types of transformer windings within the defined ranges of current and resistance. It can also test rotating machine windings and perform low-current resistance measurements on connections, contacts and control circuits. Three features combine to make this instrument unique: dual measurement, load tap-changer testing and safety shutdown.

The winding Ohmmeter WRM-10 is designed to accurately measure the winding resistance of highly inductive power transformers. The units dual resistance-reading input channels can measure two winding resistances simultaneously. Four-wire (Kelvin) connections provide high accuracy voltage reading and require no lead compensation. The winding ohmmeter WRM-10 provides stable resistance readings of very large transformers by utilizing a 36 Vdc power supply capable of outputting up to 10 Amperes. The resistance reading of a 100MVA transformer can be achieved in 5 minutes or less. The units power supply is cooled by heavy-duty fans designed for continuous operation.

Since the winding Ohmmeter WRM-10 can accurately measure winding resistances ranging from 1 micro-ohm to 2,000 ohms, it can also be used to measure EHV circuit-breaker contact resistance, motor winding resistance Cheap Kevin Zeitler Jersey , or any low resistance. In addition to measuring the resistance value, the WRM-10 also checks the make-before-break tap-switching sequences of voltage regulators and load tap changers.

The winding Ohmmeter WRM-10 is furnished with three 50-foot test cables, a ground cable, a power cord, and a cable carrying bag. Each test cable lead is terminated with a quick-disconnect test clip.


The winding ohmmeter WRM-10s operation is based on the electrical relationship described by Ohms law: R=VI, where I is a known current and V is the DC voltage measured across the unknown resistance. The value of the unknown resistance is calculated by dividing the measured voltage by the current which is calculated by the microprocessor. Calculated winding resistance readings are then displayed on the units back-lit LCD screen.

A special current source allows the winding ohmmeter WRM-10 to output up to 10 Amperes of test current. The winding resistance test current is automatically adjusted depending on the load resistance. For added safety Cheap Danny Shelton Jersey , the current source circuit is thermally protected. Also, a built-in discharge circuit automatically discharges the stored energy in the transformer at the end of each test.


The Winding Ohmmeter is used:

1.To verify factory test reading.

2.As part of a regular maintenance program

3.To help locate the presence of defects in transformers, such as loose connections

4.To check the make-before-break operation of on-load tap-changers

A regular maintenance program that includes winding resistance measurements is the most effective way to use this instrument. Once a benchmark is established, subsequent test results can be compared to determine if changes are occurring in the transformers, instrument, transformers and associated control wiring Cheap Shon Coleman Jersey , voltage regulators, motors, generators, breaker contacts, all types of connections (bolted, soldered Cheap Cody Kessler Jersey , crimped, etc.). Struggling To Keep Up Right Fitness Plans? Check out These Concepts! Do you want to appear significantly better in a bathing suit? Have you been concerned about your overall health? No matter what your reasons are for wanting to work out, working to turn out to be more physically fit is something everyone should really make an effort to do. Here's some help and advice that can get your quest for fitness away from to a powerful get started.

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If you're unable to job out at one particular point as part of your regimen, don't take it like a bad sign. Generally if you're capable to return to your typical schedule you possibly can move past the small slip up. By overestimating the situation you possibly can exaggerate it, making it consume a lot more of your time and effort while you concentrate on it much more. The very best course of action would be to simply move ahead.

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